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On Januar 25, 2022


We’re excited to announce that we’ve been chosen by Red Raion, the CGI studio specialised in media-based attractions, to drive its global brand awareness strategy. Our expert media and entertainment (M&E) team will run a media relations campaign targeting the theme park and immersive attractions sector in key regions around the world, as well as expanding into the animation, AV and business verticals – marking our move into the attractions industry.

The campaign will be run out of our London office, led by head of M&E Martin Izzard. Our team will be responsible for building a targeted media engagement plan to reach Red Raion’s key audiences, involving a combination of executive profiling and customer storytelling.

“We chose to collaborate with the lorries team because of their professional, international approach and previous experience in this field,” said Valeria Rizzo, Business Development Director at Red Raion. “Being specialised in CGI content for media-based attractions, we were looking for a PR agency with a deep knowledge of the attractions industry. As the number of new ambitious projects for Red Raion increases, we felt it was fundamental to find a company that would understand the value of our specific focus to better help us spread the word about all of our new productions, and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry seemed to be the right one.” 

“We’re delighted to be working with Red Raion, which has already built a strong reputation for delivering immersive experiences that delight audiences,” said our head of M&E Martin Izzard. “The entertainment industry is broader than ever, and the value of immersive entertainment is at an all-time high. Our clients have often delivered projects in the attractions industry, but we’re looking forward to working with technology and service providers that operate entirely in this space to deliver the most immersive experiences. It’s going to be a great ride.” 

Headquartered in Italy with a global presence, Red Raion produces CGI content for media-based attractions and theme park rides. These include Flying Theaters, XD cinemas, immersive tunnels, VR and indoor roller coasters, custom simulators and dome theatres. Its in-house production team incorporates special effects, storytelling, and motion programming into CGI content to deliver intense experiences that are tailored to the type of venue and attraction. 

The company has joined the our extensive M&E client portfolio, which has grown from traditional video production technology leaders to media technology brands that harness the power of video and media for businesses and audiences around the world.

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