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SGO: Cutting through the noise


RLYL’s expertise in PPC planning and optimisation, coupled with the imaginative approach to creating engaging content proved invaluable to our digital marketing strategy.

Eva Panjan, marketing manager at SGO


Boosting webstore traffic to 25,000 users in six months

Ignited a surge in traffic for the Mistika VR webstore, increasing SGO’s revenue.

Converting 325 customers in our first quarter

We hit the ground running, securing 325 conversions in three short months.  

538 new customers from Facebook in three months

Brought in 538 previously unengaged users to SGO’s website in the first quarter, drawing in hundreds of potential customers. 

5% conversion rate from a non-brand campaign

Achieved high conversion rates that exceeded industry benchmarks by ~2%. 

A smart PPC strategy, halving CPC

Worked collaboratively to develop an ad strategy that ensured all distributed assets were high quality and met social platform requirements. This meant we reduced cost per click (CPC) rates by 54% throughout the quarter. 

AB testing to boost revenue

Worked with SGO to AB test a new landing page without a free trial option. As a result, we increased short-term revenue by demonstrating that a free trial wasn’t necessary. 

The detail

Getting to know SGO

In its pursuit to highlight its latest products and e-commerce model, SGO needed to drive traffic to the SGO web store and effectively promote its new, cutting-edge VR stitching software. But this is no easy task. That’s where the lorries come into play. 

The task at hand

Build a new digital strategy to increase website traffic and generate sales leads from key target audiences

Software development company of Mistika Technology, SGO, offer a natively integrated suite of specialised content creation applications all made available through the online SGO Shop on a pay-per-use basis.

To spread awareness for its new VR stitching software, the SGO leadership team needed to enhance lead generation and boost webstore traffic. However, with SGO existing in such a busy and competitive market, a bulletproof strategy was necessary to cut through the noise and effectively promote its newfound agility.

How it played out

Following some initial discussions, the lorries immediately identified significant potential for SGO’s PPC and began establishing a multi-channel paid strategy that ensured we targeted the right audiences. We also restructured Google Ads activity, such as conversion actions and account hygiene for bottom-of-funnel conversions.  

To raise brand awareness in the VR/360 editing space, we simplified conversion actions to report on Google Ads activity. This consisted of top-funnel content and mid-funnel content such as case studies and tutorials.  

And what’s boosted brand awareness without search engine optimisation (SEO)? To put the cherry on top of our strategy, we expanded on the SEO keywords to improve the visibility, targeting both brand terms and high-intent enquiries. 

They set the bar. We raised it.

In the first quarter, we supported a surge in webstore traffic that not only boosted overall revenue for SGO, but successfully engaged over 500 inactive users generating a significant pool of new potential customers. Also, with a combined effort from the lorries, we helped to secure over 70 conversions, vastly exceeding SGO’s expectations. 

Our carefully crafted ad strategy played a pivotal role in driving such impressive results. These accomplishments enhanced SGO’s online presence for a louder, more prominent future in the competitive market of software development. 

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Working with the talented team at RLYL, we implemented a new digital approach for targeting new leads and increasing traffic and conversions in our online shop. Their expertise in PPC planning and optimization, coupled with the imaginative approach to creating engaging content proved invaluable to our digital marketing strategy.

Eva Panjan - marketing manager SGO

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