Martech: Setting the stage for a successful relationship with your PR agency


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On May 3, 2022


In a landscape that’s changing by the minute, every martech company wants to be featured in AdAge or Bloomberg. A PR agency can absolutely help get you there. But for us to do what we do best, we look to our clients to work with us as partners to help achieve their PR goals.  

One of the great things about martech clients is that they understand the importance of brand awareness. Working with a PR agency is an investment in elevating your brand, and to get the most bang for your buck, there are several steps you can (and should) take internally. As the relationship strengthens and you start executing on your PR goals, it’s important to maintain a strong partnership with your agency to keep your media presence fresh and exciting.  

At the beginning of the relationship: 

1. Define success: What does long-term brand elevation success look like for your business? Is it increasing your share of voice against competitors, targeting a certain number of coverage hits per quarter? Working with your new partner to establish realistic goals (these can always be revisited later) helps keep everyone on track and accountable.  

2. Gather materials: Got anything that speaks to your company’s messaging, value propositions, results? Share it with your PR agency. That two-year-old case study that you think is outdated could have a useful statistic that can be pulled into a pitch! 

3. Reach out to spokespeople: Make sure your leadership has the bandwidth and willingness to participate in media opportunities. Establish who, if any, of your proposed spokespeople need media training ahead of any interviews – and get that training scheduled before an opportunity comes in.  

In the long term: 

1. Communicate: Let your PR team know as soon as you get intel about company happenings – whether it’s a cool event an executive is speaking at, a partnership in development, or an employee experience initiative that people are loving. This goes for customers and partners too. You never know if they’d say yes to joint media efforts unless you ask, and you never know if something might be newsworthy unless you run it by your PR team! 

2. Refine your messaging, but tell a consistent story: Messaging naturally evolves with time, as do brands. Streamlining the story that you’re telling, while remaining consistent, will help you establish a meaningful media presence.  

3. Keep it fresh: Revisit your program goals periodically and keep track of what’s going on in the martech space. Your PR team is of course monitoring the news (almost constantly), but you’re the one with the inside scoop on your company. Your perspective is always valuable in brainstorming sessions.  

Following these steps will not just get your agency-partner relationship off to a good start, but also ensure you’re set up for long-term success.  

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