Lorries talk robo-journalism with Gorkana

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On August 11, 2016

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It’s official – judgement day is nearly here and the machines are rising against us! This week Gorkana asked our digital director, Errol Jayawardene, his opinion on the rise of robo-journalism! Yep that’s right, robots can now string sentences together.

Once we’d calmed Errol down and convinced him Skynet hadn’t become self-aware he concluded that automated newsrooms potentially could mean less journalists to pitch to. But he added that in reality it simply free’s up time for human journalists to do more intricate and complex work:

“Robots can’t replace good journalist analysis and opinion for things like features or blogs. So unless that changes, journalists aren’t going anywhere! Longer form content works better for search engines and that remains very much the preserve of creative PRs and journalists”

He also laughed in the face of our robot overlords plans to take over, saying that PR agencies will just adapt in the same way as they have adapted to digital; by looking at more creative ways to release content!

For more of Errol’s reaction, check out the full article here.


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