b2b PR and LinkedIn isn’t evolving quickly enough

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On October 14, 2016

Switching off tech PR? PRMoment

LinkedIn needs an overhaul

Our digital director Errol Jayawardene spoke to PRmoment this week about the evolution of b2b digital marketing. Errol’s article shares a selection of insights on how and why the world of b2b PR has changed over recent years:

Gone are the days when business-to-business (b2b) PROs could point to a couple of posts on Twitter or writing a few blogs as their digital strategy. B2b digital marketing has grown up hugely over the last few years, but the reality is more need to be done to help b2b practitioners fully understand the conversation around them.

Pointing to a double-page spread in “no one reads it quarterly” isn’t proof of PR success. With more people involved in the PR buying process and the ability of digital to track content success, there rightly comes more scrutiny on ROI. More b2b PROs have caught up with their b2c counterparts and are following what the industry refers to as the Barcelona Principles – a set of seven voluntary guidelines established to measure the efficacy of PR campaigns. Essentially these (loosely) talk about things like focusing on outcomes rather than outputs, measuring impact of campaigns on organisational performance and the importance of social media measurement. You’re just as likely to see b2b PROs measuring hits to their website, goal conversions, social engagement or digital share of voice as they are to report coverage numbers these days. The irony is that some people got into PR because they didn’t “do numbers” yet the job is increasing about metrics.    

The world of b2b PR has changed hugely, but it needs to keep evolving.

Check out Errol’s article.


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