Samsung and Futuresource: What does the future hold for Virtual Reality?

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On August 24, 2016


With IBC 2016 just around the corner the lorries are preparing for another manic show where we’ll be supporting a host of clients – including Aperi,  Aspera, Avid, Canon, Deluxe, EdgewareEVS, Gearhouse and Vizrt. We’ll also be running PR clinics in partnership with the IABM.

With VR having played such a prominent role at NAB earlier this year, we’ve been asking industry experts including Futuresource Consulting senior analyst Adam Cox and Jason Lovell, senior VR product manager at Samsung, about their thoughts on what we can expect.

“Evolution not revolution” is the name of the game this year at IBC according to Adam Cox. While we can expect VR to have a heavy presence this year, Adam stressed that we shouldn’t expect to see “VR or 360 video to be as widespread a theme as 3D was in 2009 or 4K and UHD have been over the past couple of shows.”

Rather than unveiling game changing VR products, Adam told the lorries that he expects the products on show to feature incremental improvements over previous iterations. He expects the next 12 months for VR to see more of the same:

“The industry is still at an embryonic stage and so experimentation is the watchword in terms of content creation. Content creators need to understand what works and what doesn’t – a vital bridge that needs to be crossed before consumers can be expected to directly pay for VR/360 video. The profile of VR will continue to be built with big names getting involved in content creation. This is key if VR is not to fade away.”

One of those big names is of course Samsung. We caught up with Jason Lovell, senior product manager of VR and all things wearable at Samsung. He chatted to us about what to expect over the next year when it comes to all things VR. Check out the interview:

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