GE’s Chief Communications Officer Brings Good Things To Life in Boston

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On November 25, 2016

Bell Ringer Awards Boston business innovation

At the recent PRSA Boston annual meeting, Massachusetts native Deirdre Latour, chief communications officer for GE, shared her lessons learned around her media strategy for the company’s relocation of its global corporate headquarters to Boston. “One lesson I learned: to make sure everyone involved understands the word ‘embargo,’” she quipped, referring to how the Boston Globe broke the story ahead of the announcement date.

Once the news was out, it was all Boston’s b2b Technorati could talk about: one of the country’s oldest companies, founded by Edison, is moving into the young, hip (dare I even say, “hipster”) Seaport district alongside such cool companies as LogMeIn and WeWork. Reporters wanted to know every juicy detail about the company’s plan to add jobs to the local economy, any sweetheart tax deals it might have received, and most importantly, what their fancy new global headquarters were going to look like.

Aside from “Don’t trust the Boston Globe,” here are a few other pointers from Ms. Latour that were memorable:

My favorite piece of advice from Latour for PR pros was to “trust your gut.” When something feels wrong, or if you feel that a client is making a choice based on fear or bad advice, it’s your responsibility as their PR partner to speak up. Honing your instincts comes from years of experience, to be sure, but also from building out a strong, ethical team that puts the client’s long-term needs and reputation first.

If this PRSA event is any indication, the Boston business community will learn a great deal from having a company the size and scope of GE in the neighborhood. It reinforces what we’ve known all along: Boston is a great place to be for tech/b2b companies who want to grow their business, enter new markets, attract the right talent, and plug into a vast, diverse network of movers and shakers.

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