PRmoment and lorries discuss why "Bait-and-switch" doesn’t work in PR

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On May 7, 2017

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Boston lorry Michelle Barry spoke to PRmoment this month about why WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is crucial for PR agencies. Michelle’s article shares why WYSIWYG is so important and highlights why the tactic of “bait-and-switch” with account team members never works:

In the last several new business meetings we’ve had, these questions have come up repeatedly: “Who will be working on my account, really? Who will be my actual team?” After a moment of stunned silence from our team, the answer is always, “What you see is what you get.

There are some aspects of public relations that seem mysterious – even magical – to clients. But the actual makeup of the PR team who will be working day-to-day on their account shouldn’t be one of them. What we’ve been hearing, from current clients who come to us after having a bad experience with another agency, or from prospects in the midst of an exhaustive agency review, is alarming. Agencies, in order to win the business, will bring in one or two “ringers” – usually senior partners who haven’t written a media pitch or executed a PR plan in ages – to charm the prospect, and once the business has been won, they hand off the account to one or two junior staffers who must live up to the hype and promises of the ringers.

Our approach is one of complete transparency – even if it means we don’t always win the business. We believe that small teams of subject matter experts at all experience levels, from account coordinators to senior directors, are the right way to do great work. And the good news is, WYSIWYG works for us most of the time.

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