Being seen with PPC

SGO is a software development company of Mistika Technology, offering a natively integrated suite of specialised content creation applications offered through the online SGO Shop on a pay-per-use basis with flexible and affordable payment options.

It wanted to spread the word about its newfound agility in a noisy market. Its leadership team wanted to raise the number of leads, webstore traffic, and awareness of its new VR stitching software. 


Boosting traffic

We increased the overall traffic for the Mistika VR webstore and positively impacted SGO’s revenue in the first quarter 

Leading the way

Secured over 70 conversions in just three months (far exceeding expectations), and cut costs by decreasing the broad cost per conversion by 54%throughout the quarter 

Building leads

Brought 538 previously unengaged users to SGO’s website in the first quarter, putting SGO in front of 100’s of new potential customers

Supporting PPC

Assisted client in developing ad strategy, working collaboratively to ensure assets being distributed were of high quality and met social platform requirements

SGO tasked the lorries with creating a new digital strategy to increase website traffic and generate sales leads from key target audiences.  

The goal was to raise awareness of SGO’s cutting-edge VR stitching software, drive traffic to SGO’s web store in support of the company’s new e-commerce model, and improve awareness, consideration and conversion of PPC funnel across multiple channels. 

The lorries immediately identified significant potential for PPC. After establishing a multi-channel paid strategy to ensure that the content was targeting the right audience in the VR/360 editing space, we restructured Google Ads activity – including conversion actions and account hygiene for bottom-of-funnel conversions. To raise brand awareness, we simplified conversion actions to report on Google Ads activity; top-of-funnel content such as case studies and mid-funnel content such as tutorials.  

Finally, we expanded on the SEO keywords to improve the visibility of both brand terms and other high-intent enquiries. 

Working with the talented team at RLYL, we implemented a new digital approach for targeting new leads and increasing traffic and conversions in our online shop. Their expertise in PPC planning and optimisation, coupled with the imaginative approach to creating engaging content proved invaluable to our digital marketing strategy.

Eva Panjan at SGO - Marketing manager SGO

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