PR ROI: How B2B PR can help drive sales

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On September 22, 2017

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Our Digital Director, Errol Jayawardene was featured in PRmoment discussing how B2B PR can help drive sales and show ROI.

Here’s his quote in full:

“PR can’t create a cast-iron guarantee of sales qualified leads but the rise of digital means it can help. Today, SEO, content marketing, social and public relations overlap. The key for B2B PRs is to think about creating good quality content at every stage of the sales funnel. Typically, media relations, social and PPC can help at the awareness stage. Case-studies, remarketing or e-books can help with driving traffic and collecting contact details in the consideration stage.  Tactics like video demos, reviews or ‘how to buy’ content nudge buyers in the decision stage. Even post-sale, customer news and speaker opportunities can help with organic leads in the loyalty stage. But no one-size fits all.

B2B differs from B2C because there are longer sales cycles and more people and money involved. You can’t just pop online or in-store to buy a £100k piece of equipment. Even the final decision-maker in a company will be influenced by lots of different people from management, marketing, sales and finance. PR can play a role in delivering messages to all these groups. Plus PRs understand the nuance and emotion around messaging so are well-placed to work with all teams to help deliver strong lead-gen content.”

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