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On February 15, 2019

PR's constant evolution

Talking b2b tech, PR’s constant evolution and a nightmare acting debut

We sat down with Alex Humphries-French, a recent addition to our London Office and key cog in our Media & Entertainment team. Here’s what he had to say about having the ability to evolve with the industry and a school production of Oliver! that brought his acting career to a swift end.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in working in b2b tech PR?

Keep track of what’s going on in the industry – what are the trends? What’s the latest tech? Where are the relevant conversations happening? If you have an interest in the latest disruptive media, you’re keen on telling a story and you’re highly organised with a flair for networking, then I’d recommend you seek a career in this sector.

What skills are essential for your b2b PR role?

As an account manager it’s important to be comfortable making decisions on a daily basis. But the most important skill to have is a hunger to learn. The industry constantly evolves, so you need to have the ability to adapt and learn new things to keep ahead of the curve and offer new, creative ideas to clients.

What’s the best part of working at the lorries?

The culture. With a base in London, Berlin, LA and Boston there’s bound to be a mixture of cultural nuances that offer new and wonderful challenges and opportunities. But one thing’s for sure, we all have the same culture in terms of work ethic. We work hard but at the same time we have fun, which is so important!

What is your favourite part of working in PR?

Collaborating within a creative pool is the most inspiring part of PR – it’s a team effort! Being able to bounce ideas off peers and work towards the same goal is exciting and rewarding. B2b tech PR is enjoyable as the industry is continuously being disrupted by the latest tech, not only influencing the media that we consume but also the platforms we use to disseminate the story of a brand. PR is continuously evolving, each day you come across something new.

How would you describe your day job to a child?

Turning Clark Kent into Superman. All brands have a super power and impressive story to tell. As a PR professional, it’s about communicating those special powers – take off the glasses and go back to basics to create a captivating story for your audience.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Fried Chicken! I’m a lover and advocate of nutritional food and fitness – from chia seeds to a 5K run, organic seasonal veg to HIIT training. But deep fat fried crispy battered chicken is my absolute weakness. There is nothing better than a calorific spicy box of chicken wings and chips. YUM!

What’s something not many people know about you

My first ever paid job was as a six-month-old baby in a Royal Mail commercial.

Most embarrassing moment?

Playing the Artful Dodger in my school musical of ‘OLIVER!’.

After many rounds of auditions (my school took productions very seriously), it was decided that there would be two pupils to play the famous loveable rogue. I was given the role of ’understudy’ with the chance to star in just one show during the three-night run – in hindsight for good reason.

With the first half stunningly under my belt, the curtain went up after the interval and I confidently took to the stage like the fine BAFTA winning thespian I thought I was. Oh how I was wrong. Within just a few expertly delivered scenes the curtain came crashing down on my potential movie-star career.

Up came a brief interaction with the villainous Bill Sikes and notorious Fagin. I stole some books from young Oliver; “He’s got books Fagin” I exclaimed. Silence. A complete blank drew across my mind, the tiny school stage suddenly became the Royal Albert Hall. With thousands of eyes upon my Dickensian attire, I desperately held my breath waiting for aid, nothing. I stared through the bright lights to the MD on the Piano, “LINE”. I wanted the entire stage to swallow me up – no encore! I was the only person on that stage not to get a round of applause in the finale, except from my loving Mother and Auntie. Cringe. To this day, the most embarrassing moment of my life. Safe to say I’ve never forgotten a line since.

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