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On August 8, 2018


Your 30-day countdown to IBC2018

While the 2018 summer heatwave may have made the last few months feel like time has been at a standstill, the next month is about to whiz by in the leadup to broadcast trade show, IBC2018.

To make sure you don’t have any panic-inducing realisations on the flight to the RAI and its ‘sunny beach’, our media and entertainment team have put together a list of your must-do tasks in the 30-day lead up to one of the most talked about shows.

Day 30: Lock in your IBC2018 plans. Make sure your flight and hotel are booked if they aren’t already, as well as any events you plan on attending. Our tip? Book direct to get the best deals, rather than with an agent. And if you’re planning on drinking alcohol, don’t stay on a house boat – honestly, trust us…

Day 29: If you haven’t already, register for your free IBC2018 early bird pass. You only have a few days left. And make sure you register by 17 August to secure your free pass to the IBC Exhibition – it’s not a cheap ticket if you miss this window.

Day 28: You’re cutting it close, but there’s still time to enter your products and projects into IABM’s BaM awards. The deadline is 17 August. Quick quick!

Day 27: Speaking of the IABM, you can still join in time to make use of its handy IBC lounge. The space is a hidden gem from the masses, has a decent Wi-Fi connection AND offers quiet meeting rooms. Now whoever said you can’t have it all?

Day 26: Practice your pitch, because you’re going to be explaining what your company’s unique selling point is more than once. And while you’re at it, listen to our podcast on you how you can stand out when talking about the industry’s technology trends.

Day 25: And because you’re going to be asked your thoughts on all the acronyms, make sure you’re up to date on the latest trends – from IP to UHD, 4K, SDN and HDR.

Day 24: Register for the IABM State of the Industry conference session before the show opens on the first day. Don’t be put off by the early start, it’s a good show opener with the promise of coffee.

Day 23: You’ve missed most of the IBC awards opportunities, but there is still time to enter the NewBay Best of Show Awards. The deadline for submissions is 10 September.

Day 22: Unless eating at midnight is ‘your thing’, use your preferred dining app to make dinner reservations for the week. Our top tip? Mata-Hari – it’s a hidden gem in the middle of the city!

Day 21: Register for the many networking events at the show – including the IBC Innovation Awards and the SVG Sports Production Awards.

Day 20: Download the IBC 2018 app. It’s handy for finding your way around, organising your conference schedule and arranging meetings.

Day 19: Agree internally what you want to get out of the show. Is it brand awareness? New customers? New partners? Set marketing goals and measure their success after the show so you can improve next time, because having booth “assistants” scan hundreds and hundreds of badges doesn’t prove ROI.

Day 18: Decide what the purpose of your stand is. To be a nice working environment for existing customers? Or attract new prospects who don’t know what you do? Have a clear purpose and make sure your key people agree – there is nothing worse than mixed messages.

Day 17: Finalise graphics and copy for your booth. You’ve got a few minutes to grab people’s attention, so use it well.

Day 16: You’ve heard a million times that content is key, but that’s because its true. Especially at IBC. Make sure your marketing material is the best it can be, and – as we’re sure you already heard us say in our podcast here – make sure it’s benefits driven not list of product functions!

Day 15: Make sure your marketing swag is organised. Try to make it useful and memorable to help get your brand out there. People really do hold onto those branded fidget spinners, and have subsequent arguments in the office six months later over who broke it… or maybe that’s just us?

Day 14: Carefully consider if you’re going to have a press conference – there’s no point unless you have news to tell. There are other ways that you can get your message across to journalists though, consider one-to-one interviews with key press, or post-show media events. You’ll need to get these booked in within the next two weeks though, and make sure you have prepared your spokesperson to tell your story.

Day 13: Decided you’ve got reason to host a press conference? You can find out who is doing what and where here. And don’t forget, a free croissant goes a long way (and a compelling news angle of course).

Day 12: There are lots of opportunities to tell your story, including the IBC Daily editorial team, who have each been allocated to a hall at the show. Prepare your news and contact your hall reporter before the show, they are a trustworthy team and will happily honour your embargoes.

Day 11: Confirm with your customers if they will be at the show and are happy to speak about a new deal. A handshake photo always works wonders for the IBC Daily, but make sure you have their approval before you talk to press. Because ‘off the record’ isn’t a real thing.

Day 10: Prepare your spokesperson meticulously. Make sure they don’t drone on about product features during the press interviews, or the journalists will run for the hills faster than Julie Andrews.  Remember the bigger picture and speak about industry trends. We have a handy top tips card for media interviews that we can share if you email us

Day 9: Make sure your whole show team is briefed on your key announcements and story. Give them a cheat-sheet to make sure they stay on track and are all saying the same thing. And that they also know what news they aren’t allowed to talk about too.

Day 8: Prepare the #hashtags, because physically going to events isn’t the only way to socialise. Make sure you join the conversation by including #IBC2018 and tagging @IBCShow as well as any other companies you mention in your posts. #YouGotThis

Day 7: No matter how well you think you know the layout of the RAI, plan meetings carefully so you’re not trekking from hall 7 to hall 5, and then back again. You’ll accrue enough steps on your Fitbit without this, we promise!

Day 6: If you can still hack more networking and like the smell of stale beer, plan a visit to the Old Bell on Rembrandtplein on the Friday night, the daddy of IBC2018 networking nights.

Day 5: Does someone you need to keep track of have a tendency to wander off? Maybe quietly add them to the ‘Find your Friends’ app on your phone. It’s surprisingly accurate within the maze that is the RAI.

Day 4: Find some time to learn the local language. Did you know the Dutch word for ‘chefs hat’ is koksmuts? Make sure you don’t try to be too reassuring though, because the words ‘you can’ might be lost in translation.

Day 3: Prepare, prepare, prepare! Make sure your spokespersons are up to date and on brand. Remember, you wouldn’t send out a press release with the wrong message, and physically telling the journalist is just a different means to the same end. Consider giving them a messaging and journalist information cheat sheet – if your PR agency hasn’t already done this for you.

Day 2: Make sure your briefing books, media packs, and all other essentials for successful show PR are prepared by now. Proof read them again, and again. And double check it’s all there. And if you’re bringing it out to the show yourself consider splitting the load between you and a few colleagues – that way, if someone’s bag disappears you won’t lose it all!

Day 1: Check in. To everything – your flight, hotel, social media. You, our friend, have made it IBC2018.


If you’d like to talk to us about how your brand can make the most of IBC2018 contact Hannah Baxter on tel: +44(0) 2074038878 or email


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