Finding your tone of voice

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On January 28, 2017

Tone of voice customer engagement

So, you’re keen to showcase your company’s brilliant personality, build engagement and trust, and stand apart from the crowd. You want everything you write and say to reflect who you are, whether that’s a quirky start-up, a luxury brand or a trusted financial services provider. You want a tone of voice.
But you’re not sure how to go about pinning yours down. You can’t just pick some values that sound good and decide that’s going to be your tone. It needs research, thought and, most of all, honesty.
We can’t tell you how to create a credible, valuable tone in just one page, but here’s a whistle-stop tour of some things to think about.

Who are you?
Bringing your tone to life

Next, you need to find practical ways to bring out your tone of voice. You can’t just ask employees to write in a way that sounds helpful, caring and friendly.

Once you’ve done all this, you should have created a pretty authentic tone of voice and set out some practical ways to bring it to life. But if you need a bit of help from the specialists, companies like us have years of experience in helping organisations discover their own unique voice.

Now you’ve created your new tone, how do you implement it? Keep an eye out for part-two 🙂

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