Black Hat – let’s play Bullsh1t Bingo

By in Cyber-Security
On July 28, 2016

Black Hat 2016 Tech PR

Fancy playing a bit of Bullshit Bingo at Black Hat 2016? Your wish is our command!

We’ve been chatting with industry journalists, analysts and companies over the past few weeks about the phrases they’re tired of hearing. Gems include: Kill chain, Big data, Cloud, Omni-channel. It’s almost impossible not to use them, yet your industry influencers hate them!

So… *drumroll*

Enterprise IT Bullsh!t Bingo from Hannah Patel

We’re inviting IT companies attending Black Hat 2016 to spend 30 minutes with one of the lorries’ senior consultants for advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of meaningless language, and get the most out of PR at a crowded tradeshow.

To book your slot now email us at

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