B2b brand change is good – until it’s not

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On May 2, 2019

brand change is good

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Have you ever wished that you could change the way your b2b brand is perceived by others? It’s the classic “grass is always greener” effect – perhaps a change of eye or hair color, or a body switch that could present you as an entirely different person to the world (hey, it worked in Face/Off and Big). While there’s access to contacts and hair dye for people looking to make a change, achieving a perception shift in marketing isn’t always as easy.

Marketers need to make sure that their b2b brand stands out from the rest. This could mean taking a stance to support a social cause or even rebranding the entire company. But one thing they should never do is forget about how any change could affect their target customers.

Coca-Cola learned this the hard way when it tried to rebrand its famous soda as New Coke in 1985. The backlash was immediate and harsh – and taught company marketers that change isn’t always welcome. However, Coca-Cola took the criticism, reexamined the company, and then presented a new drink – Coca-Cola Classic – which continues to prop up its position as one of the most valuable brands over 30 years later.

Before going through a b2b brand change to alter the image and/or messaging around the company or product, it’s important to:

Once your b2b brand change is ready to go, don’t forget to share the new messaging across all channels. This includes targeting key media and analysts, sharing on social feeds, and investing in digital campaigns (like pay per click (PPC) and by targeting specific audiences using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and GoogleAds). These activities can play a key role in ensuring a successful brand repositioning, as a strong integrated marketing program that supports your new branding will enable you to successfully reach a wider range of audiences.

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Remember, going through a branding change can be hugely beneficial for b2b companies. However, with a myriad of challenges facing today’s marketing professionals, it can also be extremely complex. That’s why simple steps like putting in the time to research target audiences (including their needs and how your offering can help them) and testing your messaging before executing any campaign can be worth their weight in gold.

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