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Turning an industry leader into an industry titan

Founded in 2010, Seismic has quickly grown to become the global leader in sales enablement. The company offers a range of software-based solutions geared towards helping marketing and sales teams fulfill their promise to drive revenue together. The world’s largest b2b companies rely on Seismic to arm sellers with the right content at the right time – helping them close more deals faster.

Like many companies, Seismic was very optimistic heading into 2020. The previous year had been a solid one for growth, and the company was gaining recognition by major analyst firms and users alike. However, competitors such as Highspot were nipping at its heels. As Seismic’s agency of record, we sought to turn this industry leader into an industry titan in one of the most challenging years. Together, we wanted to capitalise on Seismic’s rapid growth that began pre-pandemic, and address the the real-world challenges facing salespeople throughout a tumultuous year.


Engaging media

Secured 96 pieces of earned coverage over the course of the year – a 17% increase from the previous year – with 14% of coverage appearing in top-tier business press.

Social impact

Beat industry-average engagement rates across all of Seismic’s social channels. On LinkedIn specifically, we generated an average engagement rate of 3.9% and increased followers by 36%.

Profile raising

More than 20% of coverage featured thought leadership in the form of commentary or bylined articles from C-suite executives, with 51% featuring a new spokesperson from the expanded bench.

Leading the conversation

Increased share of voice against Highspot, Bigtincan and Showpad from 39% in Q1 2020 to 80% in Q4 2020. “Sales enablement” was featured prominently alongside Seismic in over 75% of coverage.

We worked closely with Seismic to develop a series of campaigns over the year that would leave all competitors in the dust. These campaigns involved a mix of PR and social media activities that would appeal to a wide range of audiences in the US – from sales and marketing decision-makers to C-suite leaders, end users and potential investors – and deliver on the following objectives:

1. Raise brand awareness of Seismic as the industry leader in sales enablement
2. Address competitor threats – especially Highspot
3. Position Seismic’s c-suite and other executives as sales enablement and marketing orchestration experts

Over the course of the year, we constantly adapted our strategy and tactics to meet the realities of the rapidly changing media landscape, which was also being impacted by the pandemic. Despite these challenges, we developed a multi-faceted campaign that included four core pillars.

We started by defining a robust thought leadership strategy and deepening the spokesperson bench to include a diverse mix of insights and perspectives outside the C-suite. Aligning spokespeople with specific topics they were most passionate and knowledgeable about was key to building their authority in the media. We also developed new story angles and themes for the C-suite that looked at the pandemic in a fresh and unique way that hadn’t been repeatedly covered, and focused on how they grew Seismic over the years.

Next, we worked with the Seismic team to formalise the corporate story and develop a narrative that would appeal to top-tier business and tech press. We spoke with co-founders about Seismic’s origins and connected that to the milestones the company had achieved in 2019 – and continued to achieve throughout 2020 –  which provided a steady cadence of news to keep the corporate story fresh.

We supplemented this engagement with traditional business and tech press by expanding Seismic’s media footprint into non-traditional media channels. As a result, we uncovered a robust podcast community that opened up several new opportunities to promote Seismic’s thought leadership. We also used media monitoring and social listening tools to keep tabs on what competitors were saying and where they were being covered to ensure Seismic’s dominance in share of voice.

Finally, we took on the management and content creation for Seismic’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram channels in July 2020, and established processes to maintain a steady publishing rhythm that capitalised on trending themes, industry topics and popular culture. We worked with the Seismic team to increase the use of imagery and animated GIFs, and to develop a singular tone of voice across all channels. We also helped brainstorm creative campaign ideas to further increase engagement – such as the “It’s a Big Deal” sales presentation makeover contest to support a summer product launch.

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