Rolling out a global positioning campaign

LogMeIn simplifies how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. The company has helped to drive a modern way of working, enabling employees to be flexible, mobile, efficient and productive. This has helped it become a market leader in remote work technology, with millions of users around the world.

In a hugely competitive landscape, the challenge facing LogMeIn was to stand out from the crowd while addressing the different maturity levels of each market. Across multiple countries, we were tasked to position, establish and cement its status as one of the world’s leading public SaaS companies.


Global media engagement

An average of 60 pieces of media coverage per quarter – over half of which was tier-one. Tripled share of voice in agreed target media titles, with 78% of key messages included in tier-one coverage.

Inbound traffic & requests

A smart ‘re-use and share’ thought leadership campaign generated a four-fold increase in web traffic. Our proactive newsjacking program generated +300% inbound tier-one press enquiries.

Industry awards

Earned finalist recognition for every award submitted, winning 80% of those entered. This included ‘Best Software for a Service Provider’ (V3 Awards) and ‘Best Collaboration Product’ (Computing Vendor Awards).

Brand recognition

Supported the transition from a house of brands to a global SaaS business. Saw media recognition shift from product lines towards the corporate brand, as journalists began looking to LMI executives for comment on industry issues.

Our key objective was to reposition LogMeIn from a relatively unknown remote access provider into a world-renowned global SaaS company. This was complicated by three different cloud products targeted at different verticals, all with varying levels of regional awareness. The markets in different regions also had differing levels of maturity. In some countries the focus had to be on education and credibility, while in others it ranged from basic brand awareness to lead generation.

We led a centralised multi-territory communications campaign, primarily focused on the UK, France and Germany. This was supported with local projects in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Australia through the Convoy network.

Our London office acted as the hub for content and campaign strategy, developing corporate messaging that flexed for LogMeIn’s priority regions to reflect their market maturity, challenges, opportunities and sales goals. We delivered activity simultaneously in key international territories through our Convoy partner agency network. This enabled us to help LogMeIn reach an international audience, while maintaining control of messaging, content themes and reporting.

We used a combination of M&A news – such as the merger with Citrix – targeted media relations and an extensive awards programme to gain product and brand recognition. We developed story angles for long-form content such as thought leadership and opinion articles and tailored them specifically for each region, enabling us to localise content creation so that it resonated with the different audiences.

We supplemented this content with newsjacking, integrated creative campaigns and research reports based around the different lines of business to build LogMeIn’s brand and its product portfolio worldwide.

Third-party research also played a key role in connecting LogMeIn’s story and product set to end user needs, helping to engage broader national and business media. People-focused stats – eg 49% of employees feel guilty about working from home so feel they have to make themselves more visible – led to national media coverage and broader journalist interest. This positioned LogMeIn as a source of insight and data that could benefit readers of larger business, national and tech publications.

Our London team coordinated and centralised all of the campaign management and reporting, providing LogMeIn with consolidated global feedback and coverage reports in a streamlined way to reduce admin time and ensure consistency.

By replicating strategies across multiple countries and using local experts to adapt tactics in line with regional nuances, we ensured our work had an impact with target audiences around the world. As a result, we successfully elevated LogMeIn’s brand, increased its standing in multiple international markets and ensured that its voice was heard in a competitive industry.

The lorries are a true communications partner – from strategic advice and corporate reputation management to consistent, on-the-ground communications support for our local teams around the globe. They are proactive, energetic and smart.

Craig VerColen - VP, Corporate Communications LogMeIn

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