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The campaign

Moving a remote IT provider to a leading global SaaS company

LogMeIn simplifies how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships, and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. The company has helped to drive a modern way of working, enabling employees to be flexible, mobile, efficient and productive. This has helped it become a market leader in communication & conferencing, identity & access, and customer engagement & support solutions, with millions of customers across the globe.

In a competitive landscape, the challenge facing LogMeIn was primarily centred around brand positioning, with a need to establish and cement its status as one of the leading public SaaS companies.

The results

Customer engagement

A smart ‘re-use and share’ thought leadership campaign generated a four-fold increase in web traffic and helped to drive a 46% trackable increase in app downloads.

Media coverage

We beat coverage targets by 150% across all retained regions and tripled tier-one earned coverage. We also achieved a 41% increase in trade media coverage and secured an average of 60 pieces of coverage per quarter throughout 2018 – with key features in the likes of Forbes, WIRED and The Metro.

Brand building

Our up-to-the-minute/proactive news-jacking program generated +300% inbound tier-one press enquiries, as well as tripling share of voice in agreed tier-one media titles. We also surpassed message penetration goals in non-contributed articles – 78% of key messages were included in tier-one coverage.


LogMeIn earned finalist recognition for every award submitted, winning 80% of those entered, including: Best Mobile App for Business and Best Software for a Service Provider (V3 Awards), IoT Platform of the Year (IoT Awards) and Best Collaboration Product (Computing Vendor Awards).

Armed with our wide-ranging objectives – which included repositioning the brand, increasing media coverage and elevating LogMeIn executives’ voices in the industry – we led a multi-territory communications campaign from our London office with the aim of reaching an international audience and repositioning LogMeIn as a leading SaaS provider.

Through our Convoy partner agency network, we initially promoted individual business lines across a wide range of countries, before narrowing our focus to just the UK, France and Germany. Our London office hubbed the content and campaign strategy to ensure consistent messaging and reporting, while our Convoy and lorry offices delivered results through experienced feet on the ground.

Key to raising LogMeIn’s profile on an international scale was, of course, localised content creation. As such, our daily activities primarily consisted of flagging rapid response opportunities and generating a strong news pipeline with local relevance and importance in each region. This was supplemented by thought leadership and research-led content in the form of contributed articles, industry features and media alerts for the different lines of business – Collaboration and Communication, Identity and Access Management, and Customer Engagement and Support

The final pillar was product recognition. We drove product review opportunities based on LogMeIn’s key differentiators and ease of use, while also tracking for relevant award opportunities that aligned with the company’s product and messaging roadmap. This included the likes of the Tech Awards, the Business Brilliance Awards and the V3 awards.

Although these tactics were replicated across multiple countries, there were nuances to consider. For example, different regions had different competitor landscapes and priorities, which impacted the strategy implemented, requiring the team to manage a complex and constantly-shifting international strategy.

As a result of our carefully crafted strategy, we successfully elevated LogMeIn’s global brand positioning and cemented its improved status in multiple markets and geographies. A constant flow of media coverage in top tier publications helped the company generate sales leads and engage with its target audience, propelling LogMeIn from a niche provider of identity and access solutions to a market leader.

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