The lorries are named in the top-20 b2b PR and marketing agencies


We’ve earned a top-20 b2b PR agency ranking

The newest B2B Marketing Agencies Benchmarking Report from B2B Marketing ranks the top UK b2b PR and marketing agencies and explores the state of b2b marketing, going in to great detail with nearly 100 pages of insight and analysis.

The lorries came in at #11 of the top 24 b2b PR & marketing agencies in the UK. So what does this mean?

It means that while we’re always looking to improve, we’re clearly doing something right. We’re answering the increasingly complex needs of b2b tech companies. As the report points out, clients want specialist skills and a targeted approach. Nowhere is this more important than in b2b tech, where sector-specific expertise is critical to the success of everything from out-of-the-box social campaigns and results-driven content marketing to inspired awards programs and creative brand building.

So we’re proud of our growth and where we landed on this year’s list. But we know that this will only continue if we keep delivering the best possible service and results for our clients – and that’s all about us finding and nurturing the best talent for the job. So the real thanks here goes to our people – well done all!

Drop us a note at to learn why we’re among the best b2b PR and marketing firms in the UK.

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