IBC 2022: Industry experts have their say

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On August 30, 2022

IBC 2022 industry experts

After a dry few years for the media and entertainment (M&E) sector, the IBC Show is back! As one of the industry’s biggest and most established trade shows, IBC 2022 is set to be a major event in this year’s calendar.

Journalists, analysts, broadcasters, and technology providers from around the world will descend on Amsterdam to connect with their peers and hear about the latest technological developments. For any brand attending and exhibiting at IBC 2022, finding the most effective way to connect with and engage your target audience is critical.

This can be a challenge – particularly amidst such stiff competition. That’s why our dedicated M&E team will be on hand at the show providing free PR consultations to help your brand stand out from the crowd. But it’s not all about us. We also wanted to get the thoughts and advice of other industry experts and IBC veterans. So that’s exactly what we did.

What does IBC mean to you?

Simon Tillyer, MD of M&E publication KitPlus: „After two years sat in front of the green screen, it’s fantastic to be back out again. There’s probably only two times a year when you really get a chance to see the whole industry face to face – NAB, and of course, IBC. We’re really delighted to see this finally happening again. It’s a great chance to network with manufacturers and our colleagues  in person, which is really important.“

Michael Burns, industry freelance journalist and the managing editor of the IBC Daily: „It’s always been a meeting place on a global scale. It’s a place that you find out new trends and really see where people are pushing the technology – as well as getting first-hand access to it!“

Johan Bolin, CTO of Agile Content: „It has always been a very important event because it’s where you meet your customers, as well as your friends and peers in the industry. But I think this year is more important than ever for two reasons. One, it’s the first event since the pandemic in Europe of any scale, so I’m excited it’s back in its physical shape and form. Two, this is the first big event where we as Agile Content will be able to exhibit with our full portfolio.“

What are you most looking forward to seeing or doing at this year’s show?

Simon Tillyer: „From a seeing perspective, we’ve seen remote production really accelerate during Covid. And lots of other technologies as well have, obviously, really accelerated over the last two years. I’m keen to find out how those technologies are going forwards now that we’re getting back into some sort of normal. In terms of doing, we’re going to be busy running a studio and conducting our booth interviews with exhibitors around the show.“

Lisa Collins, Managing Director of Dovetail Creative: „Well, I think this will be my tenth year going to IBC. And I have to be honest, IBC is a bit like a family reunion. I’m most looking forward to getting back together with everybody face-to-face, back in the comfort zone. It’s just that buzz that puts a bit of fire back into my belly each year.“

What do exhibitors need to do to capture journalists’ attention at IBC 2022?

Michael Burns: „Have something new to show! Even as a prototype. You can stick it in a case or put in on a screen at the stand, then have someone there be prepared to talk about it.“

Lisa Collins: „I think exhibitors need to think a little bit more outside of the box and really understand what their customers are going to be looking for during the show. I don’t think they can rely on that walk-by traffic any longer. They really need to be engaging with customers beforehand and making those appointments ahead of the show. I don’t think the customer is actually going to be on-site as long as they probably normally would. So engagement beforehand and, you know, really tapping them into their offers are going to be extremely important this year.“

Johan Bolin: „To me, I think we need to evolve these kind of events to be a little bit less about bragging and doing sales pitches in huge halls, and more about discussing new ideas and showing new concepts. So I think having something to tell, some experiences or something to show, is really important.“

Rob Ettridge, COO and Convoy lead, RLYL: „Trade shows can’t be the be all and end all. IBC probably doesn’t want to hear that, but actually trade shows should form part of a more integrated campaign. Exhibitors need to think about them as part of a wider marketing plan. So do your research on your competitors, think about what your story is. Think about why you’re different from anyone else out there. Create some decent content, stick it in front of the right people at the right time, through the right channels. Because your buyers are not just at trade shows anymore. They’re everywhere.“

Does your brand need help making an impact at IBC 2022 and beyond? Get in touch with our specialised M&E team to book your free PR consultation at the show!

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