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The lighter side of the news

Posted on 11 Nov 2011 by in Blog

The weather’s not great and it’s all economic doom and gloom in the news! Hopefully this will put a slightly lighter spin on your week!

On a more intellectual level than our usual ‘lighter side of the news’ stories we had a real giggle at Rick Perry’s huge gaffe in a live debate for the Republican nomination. Forgetting your own policies? ‘Oops’ indeed!

Apparently this woman hid a stolen fur coat in her underwear for 3 days! We know you’re all thinking the same as us – itchy much?,0,564950.story

So we know that the X Factor has suffered in the ratings this year, but we’re still not sure ‘fence factor’ will quite mange to replace it!

And the White House has strenuously denied making contact with extra-terrestrial life. Thank goodness they’ve set the record straight on that one!

Baby Arthur’s mum has set up a blog where he ‘stars’ in iconic movie recreations. It’s kind of cute, but we think little Arthur’s mum probably has a little too much spare time on her hands!

And just for Sarah; gay penguins… obviously?!

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