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Student life in lorry land

Posted on 11 Nov 2010 by in Blog

Each year PR students battle it out to find a placement worth shouting about and that’s exactly what I’ve done. My name’s Laura O’Brien and I’m a third year PR student at The University of Gloucestershire. Part of my degree includes a 12 month placement so that’s why I’m here working at Red Lorry Yellow Lorry aka the lorries

Given that there are so many people looking to break into the PR industry, I wanted to provide a student perspective of life in lorry land, to share my experiences and hopefully help others contemplating a job in the world of PR. So over the next ten months I will be blogging about the joys and challenges I face from day to day at 156 Bermondsey Street, about interesting topics in the news and anything else I feel is worth writing about.

So has it been Ab Fab or Ab frightening so far? Well, the lorries welcomed me with open arms into an office that is literally red and yellow! And with a reasonably slow paced start I settled in pretty quick, however things soon heated up and I was pulling my hair out three weeks in, in a good way of course. I was assigned a mentor, Rebecca (Becks) Adewale a Lorry account manager who’s helped ease me into the role of PR account assistant.

Now nearing the three month mark of my placement to say it has flown by is an understatement. I can proudly say I’m on my way to mastering this position, my writing skills have been put to the test, I’ve found myself under pressure on more than one occasion, and have recently earnt the title of ‘PowerPoint genius’, but that’s another story.

So far this job has challenged me Monday to Friday, put a smile on my face on a regular basis, enables me to feel a sense of achievement and learn a whole lot more about the PR industry than I ever could from a text book. I look forward to telling you all about it.

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