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Lighter side of the news

Posted on 2 Mar 2012 by in Blog

To all our loyal followers, we can only offer out most sincere apologies for having neglected to bring you the lighter side of the news for the last few weeks – we can only imagine how hard it must have been.

Here therefore our highlights from the last few weeks – enjoy!


People putting bread around their cats’ heads and taking pictures… it shouldn’t be funny, but it just is!


Working life can be tiring right? What better than to have a quick caffeine fix always in your hand bag?! Enter stage right inhaled caffine shots. Genius!


You’d think that if you were going to commit identity theft going for a celebrity wouldn’t be the wisest choice – this guy seemed to think it would be alright. Surprise surprise, he got caught


A slip up on a Scotland Tonight leads to a sex scene being broadcast in the background… oops


Apparently a purple calf has been born in Serbia. We’re massively sceptical to be honest – he looks white to us?!


This collection of funny exam answers has really tickled us – what a testament to the initiative of Britain’s dimmest kids!

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