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Lighter side of the news

Posted on 13 Jan 2012 by in Blog

The end of the first full week back usually finds people having already given up their New Year’s resolutions and wondering how Christmas can feel so long ago. So, to cheer everyone up here is 2012’s first Lighter Side of the News

We know you’ve missed it… Enjoy!


Firstly a hamster is named one of the strangest things left at Travelodge. The really strange thing about this story is how they found out the hamster’s name was Frederick? Did he tell them himself?!

Two German children try to elope together to Africa; all together now…”awwwww”

Parents lose custody of their daughter for giving her a stupid name… this is one of our favorite stories yet (note: read down to the 6th paragraph for more examples of ridiculous names!)

Man jailed for assaulting policer offer with a stuffed monkey. It wouldn’t be our weapon of choice but each to their own

The felines of today ey? Cat scores 128 on Fruit Ninja for iPad…back in our day cats were happy with chasing mice in the garden, no longer it seems…

And someone is going to regret promising a £10m prize for inventing a sci-fi gadget in case someone actually invents it

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