dmexco 2017

Over 14,000 people are due to flock to Anaheim, California, not to visit Disney, but to attend SIGGRAPH 2017. The conference and exhibition features the latest in computer graphics as well as mobile graphics, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems.

If you’ve never been to SIGGRAPH, it’s a place where you can learn all about computer graphics (CG). With numerous courses, talks, sessions and panels, it’s a chance for people to get inspired by the energy and imagination that surrounds the computer graphics and interactive technology world. A community of international researchers, educators, animators, students mingle with industry pioneers, check out the latest interactive exhibits and take part in the best immersive demos.

The LA lorries are at the conference once again, hosting media briefings for our client Vicon, the motion capture (mocap) technology specialists. Come and say hello if you’re at the show and would like to talk PR, VR, AR or any other acronyms! 😉

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